Garlic and Gooseberries: Benign Neglect

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A month or so ago, I was already feeling the melancholy of fall approaching but my garden ignored my dark cloud and just continued growing. I visited a bit less often as I was out of town and other tasks were calling for my attention. Somehow I felt the garden was winding down but it seems there was plenty to keep my little patch of nature busy while I was otherwise engaged. In fact it seems there was quite a ruckus going on!

The battle between the overcrowded squash, pumpkin and zucchini plants was won by the zucchini, leaving most of the squash vines withered and defeated. However, one triumphant, renegade pumpkin vine leaped over the brick pathway taking over the barren failed spinach area. It looks quite happy there, canoodling with the kale and cilantro and I have high hopes for a baby pumpkin I spotted nestled under the leaves.

IMG_2164 Baby pumpkin in cilantro patch

It looks like that section is getting all kinds of new life. The stalk left over after I harvested the kohlrabi has sprouted three new bulbs. A second harvest – such luck!IMG_2249

A mutant purple eggplant specimen appeared recently, along with a couple of massive zucchinis. Undaunted by stories of woody, tasteless giant zucchinis, I promptly stuffed those monsters with a delicious mixture of veggies and smoked sausage, turning them into an awesome dinner.






In its quiet corner, the trusty Swiss chard grows and grows, shiny, healthy and colorful. I cut leaves every time I visit and add them to whatever is cooking, along with the ever-present herbs.


And the transplanted garlic has finally taken root. Just look at those tender shoots.


Lastly, there was great excitement when I confirmed that the jagged, slightly bug-eaten leaves under the sage plant are indeed the turnips I planted back in June. Lovely purple bulbs are peaking out from the dirt, and I will wait till cooler weather to pull them up.




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